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  ✓ Stress-free   ✓ ManagementFree  ✓Affordable  
Luxury Vacation Living in
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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The mission of  Pied-a-terre at Casitas Aparicio  is to provide stress-free, management-free and affordable luxury vacation living to individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford owning, operating and managing their own vacation property from abroad.



Oftentimes, the reality of buying a vacation home in a foreign country exposes the absentee owner to a myriad of potential recurring liabilities and unanticipated expenses. 

They come to realize that their home cannot be maintained as a successful rental unit in their absence, or as a vacant property, without incurring the cost of hiring a rental agency and a property management service, oftentimes two separate services, who may or may not do a good job in protecting the best interests of the property owner. 

  • Hiring a local rental agent (no license required in Mexico)

  • Hiring local property manager (no license required in Mexico)

  • Who handles the marketing for rentals?

Managing Real Estate Abroad

🡆 Who does the Meet and Greet?   

🡆 Who is available 24/7 to handle needs of guest(s)?   

🡆 Who maintains the property? 

🡆 Who maintains the landscaping?   

🡆 Who handles a leak in the plumbing, roof, or a broken appliance?   

🡆 Who keeps the home safe from burglary?   

🡆 Who will prevent Squatters from occupying the property?

Don’t buy the Hen when you can enjoy the Golden Egg…

Now is your opportunity to own the right to occupy one of these lovely  Pied-à-terre units for a 30-night annually recurring interval, with an incredibly low operating expense because the actual operating and maintenance expenses for the entire property is democratized and shared between 60 Members, each who enjoy one 30-night stay every year.

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Location, location, location…

 Pied-à-terre at Casitas Aparicio, nestled in the heart of tead desirable Centro San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (a UNESCO Designated World Heritage Site) – Voted 1st place in Condé Naste Traveler Magazine Readers Award 2020 and 2021, as the No.1 “Best Small City in the World” -- is just a 5-minute walk to the Parroquia in the center of town.

At Pied-à-terre at Casitas Aparicio located at Aparicio 25, El Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, 37700, you will experience five wonderful fully furnished E.G. Pied-a-terre casitas situated in one secure landscaped compound. 

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Lasting Value

The true value is not speculative or reliant on the efforts of others to rent their property for the duration purchased. Instead, the value rests with the enjoyment afforded with exclusive occupancy rights to vacation in a  Pied-à-terre in El Centro, San Miguel de Allende for an annually recurring 30-night interval, in a designated unit for a duration of up to 100 years (three twenty-five year renewal options), providing ample remaining term for resale or succession to future generations.

Property management and rental services. 

Exclusive rights.

Stress-free, Management-free and Affordable.




Membership in Pied-à-terre at Casitas Aparicio makes it possible for an individual to purchase exclusive occupancy rights to a real estate asset  ("Membership and Exclusive Rights Agreement") which may otherwise be unaffordable to operate and manage.


In the case of Pied-à-terre at Casitas Aparicio, one could own exclusive long-term recurring occupancy rights to their choice of Pied-à-terre.

For a period of a 30-night interval, each year for 25 years

Renewable for three additional 25-year terms for a total of 100 years

With built-in property management and rental services. 



There is no expectation for any Members to occupy their unit for all or part of the month (30-night interval) purchased.

 In the event that a Member elects not to occupy their unit, the Member may opt to participate in property rental services managed by JYPK Property Management and Rentals (JYPK).

 Rental services will be provided directly to the Member on a best efforts basis for the time frame the unit is unoccupied, whether daily, or for the entire month.

 Net rents collected from the OTAs (,,, etc.) will be paid to Members (who make their unit available for rental) on the 10th of the month following the month ended, after deducting a 15% commission for services rendered and any outstanding obligations of the Member.


Members enjoy the exclusive right to occupy their dedicated unit for a dedicated month each year, with no recurring operating and maintenance costs for the initial 12 months.
Thereafter, Members will enjoy a low prorated operating and maintenance expense assessment (capped at 22% of the prevailing rental rack rate for the Member’s unit covering a 30-day period, published on the Pied-à-terre web site:
) will be assessed annually thereafter.


While scheduled prices of Memberships may increase in the future, the true value rests with the exclusive occupancy rights to vacation in a Pied-à-terre at Casitas Aparicio,  located in  THE HEART OF  EL CENTRO,  San Miguel de Allende for an annually recurring month  lasting up to  100 years (renewable every 25 years) with a very affordable operating maintenance cost, affording ample opportunity for resale or transfer to future generations.
Once all sixty (60) Memberships are sold, future sales must come from resale from one of the existing sixty (60) Members, subject to availability and resale price determined by the Member(s) desirous of selling their Memberships.


✔  Share 1/60th of the prorated cost of operating and maintenance expenses for a 30-night interval each year.*

JYPK Property Management and Rentals will pay for and reserve, on behalf of Member, the initial 12 months of operating and maintenance reserves for each Membership sold. Reserve amounts will be calculated at the prevailing weekday rate for the unit selected,  capped at 22% of the prevailing rack rental rate for Member’s dedicated unit as published on Thereafter, a prorated maintenance and operating expense assessment (capped at 22% of the prevailing rental rack rate for a 30-night period (excluding coupons or special rates) published on the Pied-a-terre web site will be assessed to the Members as follows: January 1st for occupancy intervals January through June; and July 1st for occupancy intervals July through December. 

The operating expense and reserves for the same 30-night interval in this example would be $785.00 ($3,570.00 rental income x 22% = $785.00). 
Operating costs include full time property management for interior and exterior maintenance, ‘Meet and Greet’ of guests upon arrival and departure, housekeeping two times per week, landscaping, and reserves for supplies and replacement of personal property in the units. See JYPK Property Management and Rentals Agreement for details. The reason? Recurring Maintenance and Operating Expenses are democratized and prorated between 60 Memberships and capped by Owners at 22% of the prevailing rack rate for the month of Membership.


For example, the prevailing rack rate (excluding coupons and special discounted rates) for Pied-a-terre No.1, a 1-bedroom 1 1/2 bath Casita, as posted on, is $119 per night resulting in a gross rack rate rental potential of $3,570.00 at full occupancy, $2,678.00 at 75% occupancy or $1,785 at 50% occupancy, or $893.00 at 25% occupancy.**


** Actual rental rates may vary depending on whether or not a discount coupon or special price is offered. All rentals procured by JYPK will be subject to a 15% rental commission.

  • Tell us a little about Pied-à-terre at Casitas Aparicio and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    We own six fully furnished residential vacation units located at Aparicio 25, El Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, 37700 a UNESCO World Heritage Site, voted No.1 as “The Best Small City in the World” in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2020 and 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards. We make all units available for rent through OTAs such as,,,, as well as our web site at We were awarded Super Host status with with a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 and an outstanding 9.5 out of 10 rating with
  • Please summarize a description of your Pied-à-terre Casitas
    We have two 1-bedroom 1-bath units, one 1-bedroom 1 ½ bath unit, and two 2-bedroom 2-bath units. Details may be viewed at
  • What will be the purchase price of a Membership?
    1-bedroom units will cost approximately $25,000USD (plus or minus depending on seasonal adjustments in price) for 30-night intervals. 2-bedroom units will cost approximately $37,500USD (plus or minus depending on seasonal adjustments in price) for 30-night intervals. Total Memberships: 60 Memberships (see price sheet attached). Memberships may be purchased in USD, Mexican PESOS, Credit cards or Cryptocurrency acceptable to Company. Escrow will be handled by San Miguel Law Office in San Miguel de Allende, MX.
  • How does your Membership model work?
    Our Memberships provide Members with exclusive rights to occupy a unit of their selection, for recurring annual intervals of one month (30 nights) each year, renewable for three successive 25-year terms, up to 100 years in total, providing ample term for resale or succession to future generations. Each of our Memberships uniquely identifies the applicable unit and month of occupy.
  • Will housekeeping services and ongoing landscaping and exterior maintenance be included in our Membership?
    Whether or not the unit is occupied, Member occupancy rights include full-time property management, fully furnished units, exterior maintenance, landscaping, and housekeeping services.
  • Will your on-site rental and management staff service our rental needs for any time frame that our unit is not occupied during the month?
    Individuals who purchase a Membership will be eligible to participate in our property rental program, which generates net rental income on a best efforts basis for any duration that their designated unit is not occupied and available for rent - whether the duration is as short as one day or for the entire 30-night interval.
  • How many Memberships will be available to purchase?
    We offer occupancy for time intervals in 30-night increments evidenced by (60) Memberships in (5) five units. We do not have any limitation on the number of Memberships that can be purchased by one individual or entity. However, after 60 (sixty) Memberships are sold, subsequent Memberships will only be available for sale from existing Members who are desirous of selling their Membership at the prevailing market prices.
  • What operating costs and reserves will be assessed to Members?
    Our Members will enjoy cost effective operating and maintenance assessments equating to 22% of the prevailing rental rack rate for the dedicated 30-night interval and unit reserved. The reason why Members enjoy assessments at such a comparatively low rate is because the operating and maintenance costs is democratized in 30-night intervals. Sixty (60) Members share the costs of operations and maintenance necessary to keep Members and their guests satisfied and property maintained in excellent condition, without profit to the property owner. JYPK Property Management and Rentals has professionally managed rental operations and maintenance of Pied-a-terre at Casitas Aparicio since 2018, and can provide any level of detail required. You can see details about our property at The benefit to the Members is to enjoy occupancy of their vacation Pied-à-terre, fully serviced throughout their stay, and professionally managed when their unit is not occupied. JYPK Property Management and Rentals professionally markets rentals and manages all units at Aparicio 25, San Miguel de Allende.
  • What are the purchase options?
    Methods of Payment: Fiat: USD or Mexican Pesos, Credit Cards Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Etherium, USDT, Credit Cards and Alt Coins acceptable to Company Seller Financing: Available upon request, no prepayment penalty, no credit check.
    1. Those interested in our exclusive occupancy interval Membership program, offering 78% off the prevailing rack rate and many more attractive features, may express their interest in purchasing a Membership by sending us an email at

Fractional Ownership Of Occupancy Rights

© 2021 by Pied-à-Terre at Casitas Aparicio. 

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